Virginia Medical Practice, Dublin Road, Virginia, Co. Cavan. Tel: 049 8546222   Occupational Therapy in Primary Care provides assessment and treatment of patients with a range of conditions e.g. neurological, vascular, respiratory, oncology, traumatic hand injury, burns, rheumatology and frail elderly. We aim to improve the individuals performances with activities of daily living providing an optimum level of function.  Treatment programmes are formulated to specifically address individual’s needs and areas of difficulty. The Occupational Therapist will       *       aim to improve quality of life * Provide equipment that can improve independence in daily living * Teaches alternative techniques to overcome lack of ability and promote independence. * Assess the home environment regarding adaptations and/or equipment provision * Complete wheelchair and seating assessment * Improve hand function and range of motion, muscle strength and coordination in the upper limb. * Complete assessment and treatment of perceptual and cognitive functions * Provide splinting service for upper and lower limb * Complete scar management following surgery or skin grafting * Provide desensitisation programmes following an amputation and sensory retraining following a nerve injury * Provide advise and training to carers. Along with the Physiotherapist, the Occupational Therapist is involved in a fall management programme which aims to identify people at risk of falls and provides an appropriate intervention which is devised according to the patients needs. The Occupational Therapist on the Team is Philomena Brady and is available Monday to Friday 9am to 4.30pm.  Tel: 049 8446282     .